Next Destination Charging Survey
At QAF Prestige, your say matters. This survey is intended to better understand you, as our Porsche enthusiast and driver, for a better electric vehicle ownership experience. Your feedback will help us to ensure that we are meeting your needs. We appreciate your time and input in advance.
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Survey questions
In a week, how frequent do you fully charge your Porsche Battery Electric Vehicle?
At what time do you usually charge your Porsche Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)?
A fully charge Porsche Battery Vehicle (BEV) can last for how many days for you?
Would you like to charge your Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) away from home?
Where is your preferred district for a charging station?
Where is your preferred location for the next location for Porsche Destination Charging?
Answer If others, please specify
How has your ownership and driving experience been with the Porsche Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)?
Would you prefer a fast charging station (DC) with payment options or complementary slower charging station (AC)?
Would you prefer to have common charging stations with other brands?
Do you have any other feedbacks and suggestions?
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