Porsche x VICE: Electric Driving 101

Porsche x VICE: Electric Driving 101

A true electric sports car for the maximum driving experience. Discover the new Porsche Taycan.

Join our host Hanli Hoefer in this VICE Asia production as she explores the Electric Driving 101. 

E-mobility is no longer a concept of the future. It is very much part of our current social construct. But what is the prevailing perception of electric cars? Can the Taycan be a gamechanger in this segment? The first episode Hanli  as she travels to Bangkok to meet with Porsche enthusiasts Tenn Xoomsai and Jeffrey Docherty who share their thoughts on the Taycan and the future of the sports car.

There’s a myth out there that electric cars lack excitement and can’t compete with their conventional cousins. The Taycan proves this theory is exactly that - a myth. Electric cars are certainly no pushovers when it comes to the need for speed. In this episode, our VICE Asia host, Hanli Hoefer, together with racing brothers Earl and Will Bamber, put the pedal to the metal and give the Taycan the ultimate performance test.

Sustainability and luxury - can these two concepts co-exist? In the third and final episode, Hanli examines the ideology of eco-luxury alongside acclaimed sustainable fine-dining chef DK, as they take a long drive in the Taycan to explore a unique farming concept in the outskirts of Bangkok.

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