Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Promotion period valid from 1 July till 31 July 2020.

The Porsche Models. (“Campaign”)

Terms and Conditions of the Campaign (“Official Terms”)

This campaign is organized by/belongs to Sime Darby Auto Performance [Co. Registration No.: 200501031725 (713863-V)] (“SDAP”).

(A)        Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Campaign’s Benefits as listed in item (B) below, the new Porsche vehicle purchased from SDAP must fulfil the following requirements:-

  1. the new Porsche vehicle must be a year 2019 with Approved Permit (AP) models only;
  2. the new Porsche vehicle shall be the following selected Porsche models :-
    1. Macan, Panamera, and 911 Carrera 4S (“Category A Selected Models”); and
    2. Panamera 4S and Cayenne S (“Category B Selected Models”); and
  3. the new Porsche vehicle must be booked with SDAP within the period from 1st July 2020 to 31st July 2020 AND registered with the appropriate authority(ies) on or before 15th August 2020.

(B)         Campaign’s Benefits

(B)(i)   4 years Free Service

  1. The Four (4) Years Free Periodic Maintenance is subject to the servicing intervals as follows:-
    1. 15,000KM or 1 year (whichever comes first);
    2. 30,000KM or 1 year (whichever comes first);
    3. 45,000KM or 1 year (whichever comes first); and
    4. subject to a maximum 100,000KM or 4 years (whichever comes first).
  2. The Four (4) Years Free Periodic Maintenance is inclusive of parts and labour, as per standard maintenance table only.
  3. Please refer to the service maintenance booklet which is available at SDAP’s Porsche Centre for other applicable terms and conditions.

(B)(ii) Free Insurance Package

  1. 1-year Free Insurance Package for Category A Selected Models and only applicable for the first (1st) year from the date of registration of the new Porsche vehicle.
  2. 2-year Free Insurance Package for Category B Selected Models only applicable for the first (1st) and the second (2nd) year from the date of registration of the new Porsche vehicle.
  3. Free Insurance Package is available via AXA AFFIN GENERAL INSURANCE BERHAD (Co. Registration No.: 23820-W) (“AXA Affin”) only.
  4. Windscreen protection is inclusive in the Free Insurance Package. Special perils are excluded but available as add-ons.
  5. The Free Insurance Package is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage by AXA Affin.

(B)(iii) 1-year Free Warranty Extension

1.   The 1-year Free Warranty Extension will be activated/commenced on the beginning of the fifth (5th) year from the date of registration of the new Porsche vehicle but subject to the following requirements:-

       a. the new Porsche vehicle must be a technically perfect vehicle which passes the full technical test at SDAP’s Porsche Centre and further, documented in the relevant technical test report (namely 111 Point Check); and

       b. the mileage of the new Porsche vehicle must not exceed 200,000 KM.

2.   Please refer to the applicable warranty terms and conditions which are available at SDAP’s Porsche Dealer website.

(C)        General

  1. This Campaign is not applicable with other promotional offer(s).
  2. Model(s) shown in the Campaign’s materials may vary according to the specification(s) in Malaysia.
  3. SDAP has conceptualised and is the owner of the Campaign and thereby owns all goodwill, proprietary and intellectual property rights (including without limitation to the trade mark rights, copyright and design rights) arising from and relating to the Campaign.
  4. SDAP reserves the absolute right to amend, vary, modify or substitute any of the Official Terms at any time from time to time as it deems fit with or without any prior notice.
  5. In the case of ambiguities or discrepancies between or within of any provision of the Official Terms, the customer(s)/purchaser(s) shall inform SDAP immediately of such ambiguity or discrepancy and SDAP will endeavour to provide clarification as to the meaning of the said provision.
  6. Notwithstanding the above, SDAP shall decide as to the meaning and intent of any provision(s) in the Official Terms where the same may be thought to be obscure or in dispute. SDAP shall have the absolute right to correct any error or omission therein when correction is necessary to the proper fulfilment of the intent of the Official Terms. SDAP’s decision thereon shall be final and binding.

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